Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frank the model!

Like every day during the summer, we came down to the pool with the dogs. I asked frank to take the girls potty before we got all comfy and wet from being in the pool. The dog area is right next to the pool. Anyways, there is a guy going around taking pictures of the complex for the website, updating them. Well they had moved from the pool area out to the pet area while frank was there with the dogs.

They lady in charge asked if he would be in the pictures. He was hesitant at first and kept saying I don't know since he was in just his swim trunks. The lady of course told him he looked great (which he does ;]), and I told him he had nothing to worry about since we're leaving the country soon.

Something fun, the lady in charge of the shoot lived in marysville for 12 years!

I they use any of these pictures on the website I will of course let you all know!! Now that I am sweating and my sunscreen has set in, to the pool I go :)

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