Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas came early!!

Today is a happy day for me!! My new camera came in the mail. I have been waiting years to finally have an SLR camera. Many times Frank has asked if I just want to buy one but I can never bring myself to spend the money. Instead I would just window shop and dream!

With the move to Japan coming up and hopefully lots of traveling to other countries within the next few years, I REALLY wanted a good camera. We gave our other one to Frank's brother and girlfriend as a Christmas gift before I left Washington.

We had planned to get the package set from Costco on Black Friday... But we'll that didn't go as planned. After driving all the way out to Visalia at night we found out that Costco doesn't open at midnight like everyone else :( I figured that was God telling us we didn't need to spend the money ha. Frank got online and found another package set that included a full size tripod. Of course I said no we obviously don't need to spend the money. He pretty much said we're getting it! I didn't protest :) ha

Now we are impatiently waiting for the battery to charge so we can play around with it. It also came in time since we are heading out to Monterey for the morning tomorrow then hitting up an outlet mall. So excited!!

Since this is more of my gift we went ahead and purchased Frank his christmas gift now. His new Alpinestar jacket will be showing up at the latest the day before we leave. Talk about perfect timing!

For now you will still only get to enjoy my iPhone pictures, but as soon as we are set up in our new home with Internet I will start sharing some amazing pictures of Japan!

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