Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Saturday Frank, myself and the dogs took a day trip to the coast again. This time we went out to Monterey and the outlet mall in Gilroy. We try and keep our weekends busy so boredom doesn't take over too much.

Another reason I was excited for this trip was that I got to use my new camera! You can only take so many pictures of your dogs jumping between beds in a hotel room.

I knew there was a good chance of rain that day, but I had been praying it would hold off long enough for us to take pictures and sight-see just a little bit. Our drive out there made me nervous since it was a downpour almost the whole way there! Thankfully it was just a little sprinkles here and there for us. I wish I could share the pictures from my camera... But that will be a few more weeks.

We only stayed in Monterey for about an hour in a half. We went and hung out with the seals (Molly and Ellie really wanted to play with them ha), then went up to the cliffs and watched the waves and took more pictures. I had Frank set up the tripod so we could get some family shots. I loved being able to do groups shots without having to stop and ask a stranger. Frank on the other hand was embarrassed ha.

After pictures and sight-seeing we stopped off at Costco to have a few CDs of pictures made then had lunch.
Off to the outlets!

I had no idea how big this outlet was going to be. I think there are around 146 stores?! I also was a bit surprised by the layout. The outlet is broken up into 4 sections between streets. Since we had the dogs with us we took them out to potty when we got there then put them back in the car while we did two sections. Then went back and moved the car to another section and walked the dogs some more while Frank looked in those stores. The last section of the outlet had the one store we went for. Lululemon! We moved the car to that side then finished up our shopping.

Of course like normal we went for me but I left with nothing and Frank left with three things :( we found out the closest lululemon store to us in Japan is in Hong Kong. Frank said we'll have to make a vacation out of it! Haha.

After the outlet we had to stop at petco (which was right there in the same parking lot thankfully!) and get the last of the things the dogs need for the flight. We got them some rawhide stick things as a treat. They won't put them down when we give them a stick. Molly even tried eating her dinner with it in her mouth. Now that was fun to watch ha.

By the time we left petco I was not looking forward to the 2 1/2 hour drive back to base. We were both so tired since our day started at 6! Well 6:20 since we slept in a little. Sunday ended up being a lay in bed bed all day watching NCIS kind of day :)

On a happy note this is our last week in Lemoore!!

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