Thursday, December 6, 2012

November goal recap/December goals

Somehow I completely forgot to do a recap of my November goals. Better late than never!

Walk dogs every day
((Yes! Well there were about 5 days they didn't get a walk but that was due to the weather. Other than that we were out every day!))

Track my food
((Yes!! I may not have posted them all, but they were tracked and helped a lot!))

Swim at least 10 miles
((Big fat NO! Didn't even get close :/ ))

Run a 5K
((No but that was because there was no Turkey trot here! So sad.))

((Yes! But then we bought the camera ha. We did still save though, just not as much as I'd like.))

::December goals::


Run a 5k (there is one!)

Swim at least 5 miles

Walk dogs everyday (excluding travel days and Christmas[unless the kennel is open])

Track food everyday

Get back to church!

Enjoy our new home/surroundings : )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so you have learned something from my food journey, in that tracking is so very important to understanding what we put in our mouths, when we put it there and the emotions attached to it... :) Are you gluten free yet? Love Mom