Saturday, November 10, 2012


Well doing a "home" tour isn't going to work out. I still can't upload pictures from my phone to blogger :(

Our week has been filled with classes at the gym. I'm enjoying them of course :) the dogs are enjoying their daily walks through housing. Last night Frank and I took this class called M.K.P, we weren't too sure what it was. By the description it looked like a sports conditioning type class. Instead it was like turbokick on crack haha. The instructor mixed a lot of other stuff into it as well. It was fun, we got to jump on the bosu balls haha.

Right now we are sitting outside of Starbucks. For our walk today we walked over to Starbucks so we could get something to drink. I know everyone goes crazy over the red cups being in season... I go crazy over that cranberry torte/pie thing. Holy mother it's good! I have to have it once a year. And today was that day ha. Forgot to Instagram a picture though :/

Hope everyone has a fantastic 3 day weekend!

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