Monday, November 5, 2012

What we've been up to

Well for starters I'm down in Lemoore with Frank now. My mom and I drove down last week then she flew back to Washington the following day. The dogs and I have been enjoying long walks all over base. The other day when Frank and I were walking the dogs we found the horse stables on base :)

Tomorrow is my first day to the gym here. Saturday was the only day I could have made a class but we decided to walk instead and we ended up doing over 5 miles. It's also the day we found the stables. I told Frank it may not be good that I'm walking distance to the gym.. I want to take all the classes haha.

Today we drove out to Hanford and did quite a bit of shopping. We are trying to buy a bunch of new clothing before we leave for Japan, since it will be cheaper here and we won't have any issues finding clothes that fit. Next pay check we'll head out to the mall in Visalia then after Frank finishes school in December we'll make a trip to San Francisco and stop by an outlet mall in Gilroy (lululemon!).

As of right now that's our excitement :) tomorrow I will do a tour of our temporary "home". Yes you don't want to miss that haha.

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