Saturday, November 3, 2012

October goal!?

Did October fly by for anyone else? I had two free days out of the whole month. Other than that I was a busy women! I am not one for sitting around being lazy.

So how'd I do on my few goals.....

Walk dogs at least 3 days a week
((I am going to say yes for this one even though they didn't get walked 3 days a week. I did however walk them as much as the weather would let me!))

Keep up with chores
((Yes. Although I was usually a few days behind my own schedule ha))

Read through psalms
((Big fat fail! I started out good... ))

Track all my food with myfitnesspal
((Yes! I missed a few days since I was far to busy to even remember what I ate. And earlier this week I had a nasty stomach bug. Can't log vomiting due to illness ha.))

Keep up with my miles in the pool
((Yes yes! I did 9.2 miles this month
: ]))

((Boo! That's all I'm saying on that one.))


Walk dogs every day

Continue to track my food

Swim at least 10 miles

Run a 5k!

SAVE!! It's our last month to save money before we leave for Japan.

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