Friday, February 1, 2013

Personalize it!

Awhile ago I was trolling amazon for things I didn't really need. You know, window shopping on the Internet. I was looking for a basket for the dogs' toys that can be personalized. I found something that took me to a different website, I believe that's the name. Found what I wanted for the dogs but of course it doesn't really matter since I wasn't buying it.

I did however go back to that website to order my dads birthday gift. Every year I tell myself this is the year I'm going to start buying people birthday gifts! So far I've started the year off great! My dad loves to BBQ and is pretty amazing at it (even though I won't eat the meat ha best salmon though!), so I got him a personalized apron!

I figure what a better birthday to start giving gifts then your 60th! Not sure if he was about to cook or just had but I was asking my mom for a picture. It was a total hit :)

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Anonymous said...

Dad Loves that you did this for him. He misses all of you, but the neighborhood dogs are asking about Molly & Ellie.