Sunday, February 3, 2013

Best pillows ever!

I'm not one to spend a bunch of money on a pillow. But these babies were so worth it!! After we got our new bed we realized immediately that we also needed new pillows. Funny how they seemed fine when paired with an old bed.

On our first solo trip to Costco I told Frank to check out the pillows to see if he liked any. Of course his attention went straight to the most expensive. Since we were stocking our pantry with things we had to throw out before the move I told him to just get one for now. If he liked it then I'd get one for myself later.

Right away I noticed that Frank wasn't sweating at night like he used to. That gel insert for cooling is amazing! What's even better is that he doesn't toss and turn as much now that we have a new bed. Double score for me :)

Next pay check I made sure to pick a pillow up for myself. It was different getting used to a thick pillow since all of ours are pretty thin. But after about a week of using it my neck stopped hurting in the morning. It's so nice not waking up in pain anymore! Needless to say they were so worth the price! Best pillows ever.

I can't remember how much they were exactly but I know they were somewhere between $32-$36.

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