Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bon Odori

This past weekend I got to perform in a Bon Odori festival here on base. I had first heard about this last summer after we got orders to Japan, I was even happier when I found out I could participate in it this year! If you click on THIS you can read what Bon Odori is.

If I find pictures of myself somewhere from the event I will post those. For now these are what I took.

Woot got my hair all done up pretty :]

We performed a dance to 'Call Me Maybe' as our opening. I think was before we went on.

Trying to look good while sweating in my insanely tight Yukata.

Taiko drums
Mt. Fuji even came out for what seems like the first time all summer!

Our base CO and CMC doing the Taiko drums while we dance around them... well not yet, we were getting ready.
ALL DONE!! Jen and I after we did 'Call Me Maybe' one more time to close out the dancing part of the night. This awesome parade of dancers and musicians closed the whole thing out.

He was the leader guy of the parade

I have lots of videos that I will share in another post :]

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