Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Sanno... again!

I figure I better post pictures from the AESA board retreat before I head out for Bon Odori. The girls and I are sitting in the yard listening to the music right now.

Last weekend the board members (minus one who was on vacation) all headed up to the New Sanno for a yearly retreat to figure out the years activities and such. We left Friday afternoon and had the Kikuya dinner once we got there.

That night Stephanie and I hung out at the bar talking for a few hours then headed up to her room to watch Friends! 

Saturday morning we meet up for breakfast before heading into the conference room all day. We worked hard and got a lot accomplished! 
That night was the Wellingtons dinner.

Saturday night everyone went to the pool but I wasn't feeling all that great so I went to my room and watched HGTV all night. I really can't complain, that's an awesome night to me ha.

Sunday morning we meet up for brunch before heading back to base.

It's safe to say then whenever you are at the New Sanno you will run into someone you know. This time I ran into a friends husband. They are stationed down at iwakuni, he was up our way climbing Mt Fuji. 

Good working weekend. We got a lot done so that is always nice. Although I did have to take Molly to a vet out in town when I got home since she had another UTI. That part was not so much fun!

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