Friday, October 18, 2013


I have zero energy today :/ I should be at the pool doing laps before work... but making it to work will be my only accomplishment today. I take that back I did stop by the school to ask about something and stopped by the post office in hopes my Advocare order was in. I could go for a spark right about now!

Today is such a beautiful. Perfect for nap with the sun shining in to warm me up... ahh if only...

My vacation countdown is down to 4 days 10 hours (as of this moment, 11:30)! Which means my mom gets in shortly after that. Not sure which I'm more exited about, my mom coming in or disconnecting from anything with responsibility for two weeks :]
For the most part I am all ready for her to get here. I did a shopping trip out to Yokosuka and Ikea on Wednesday and got just about everything I've needed. With the luck I've had with bedding and the fact that i'm always changing my mind on what I want. I decided to go with a duvet and cover for the spare room, I think the next time I change up the bedding in our room that's what I'm going to go with. No pictures of that yet since I want to vacuum the bed before I put it all on.

I finally got a curtain to hide the washer and dryer in the kitchen. I am loving it! I threw it in the dryer after washing it in hopes it would shrink since it was insanely long. It did thankfully shrink.. I also left it in the dryer all night and the next day so it has some lovely wrinkles all over it.

I also got new décor for the bathroom. I had seen this set last time I was at the Yokosuka exchange and fell in love. No matter how you decorate these bathrooms they will always look ugly due to the amazingly awesome pink backsplash. So I figured.. lets make this room pop!

I put this picture up on instagram looking for some advice/help since the green bathmat was a bit too much. I am going to exchange it for a blue one (same color as the towel) and then get a green hand towel to put over the purple towel. FYI those Ikea towels are HUGE! Too bad they aren't soft.

A friend tagged Frank in a picture from back in the day on Facebook....

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this :] I forgot to ask when it was, but he may have been right out of A school (or possibly in it). Since I'm in the sharing mood, another one of Frank. This one from last week.
You'll definitely have to understand the military to get the humor in this one. They had taken an NKO test online and were board afterwards haha. I told him the next time I take an NKO test at work I'll have to take my own picture ;]
I need to do a whole post just on the dogs with all the pictures I have. This one is sure to put a smile on your face :]

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Anonymous said...

Frank had hair... I don't think I have seen him in person with any. :)

and those green shirts match what they are having the people at Fred Meyer's wear these days.

Love Mom