Sunday, October 6, 2013

Vacation countdown!

My moms visit is fast approaching. It can not come soon enough! I am taking time off from everything, unplugging from any responsiblity! 

I have a pretty packed schedule so far, but I am also making sure we have time to relax. My monthly message falls around the time my mom is here so she is getting one as well. Great way to start off a vacation :) 

I forgot to put Mt. Fuji in my notes. I have been planning things that I haven't even had a chance to do yet. This is very much a vacation for myself as well ha! 

Kyoto was the big part of the trip, but this morning I was able to book a room at The New Sanno for a night. I had called a few weeks ago but they were all booked, then an awesome friend (shout out Senita ;] ) reminded me about booking a package deal. Food and beverage sets aside rooms to be booked with the restaurants they have. We had one weekend available to try for so I knew my chances were slim. They had one room left which was for the Wellingtons package. Not my favorite restaurant (I really really wanted Kekuya, my fav!) but I wasn't going to complain. 
So now we have two full days in Tokyo and don't have to worry about coming home at night :) I am very excited! And I can't forget about brunch!!

Vacation, I am ready for you!!

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Anonymous said...

I am so glad u are a planner.. Id probably just show up and hang at the house, visiting and loving on my girls for 2 weeks. I am very sad I wont get to see my favorite son in law.