Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I have to say, this was our best one yet. Not only did we get to spend it with our closets' friends, but for the first time in 9 months Frank and I had 3 days off together :] Now that is something to celebrate.
Christmas eve Frank spent the day at a friends playing video games while I spent my day finishing up grocery shopping and cleaning. At the end of the night I took a Christmas cake over with some champagne and we watched White House Down and This is the end. Not a bad Christmas eve. I had hoped that our Christmas cards and our gift from my mom would have come in the mail... still waiting. You'll be getting a Christmas card from us sometime in 2014 apparently : /
Christmas Day we skyped with my family before having our friends over. Thankfully they played along with all my picture taking :]

Frank and Kanto were twinsie's... and not on purpose ha.
 Renata and Mike
 The girls crack me up with their facial expression's.
Azusa and Scott
Ellie took it upon herself to kiss the guys while I was taking pictures. I have about 7 pictures of her spreading the love : ]
Group shot! What would I do without my tripod and self timer!?
Oh Molly... you and your facial expressions : ]
Merry Christmas and Happy New year for all of us in Japan!

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