Tuesday, December 24, 2013

House tour-Christmas edition

Merry Christmas everyone! Decorating this year felt like it was a never ending process. Since I haven't been able to really decorate in a few years I had lots of fun this go around :]
I was excited to use garland this year, but they didn't have exactly what I was looking for on our base or Zama. I wanted a more loose kind. This was pretty stiff.
I also did get enough ha. I had purchased some from Zama but didn't like it so I returned it and got the one I currently have at our exchange. After doing all those trips I didn't care to go get more. If they have any left after the holiday's in the clearance section I will snatch some up!
Love our new wreath!

Our snowman that we've had since our first Christmas together. Hiding in the corner.

I bought 4 stockings but the selection of stocking holders was pretty lame. I did however, find the ones we already have on amazon. Hopefully soon I will get two more of those for future use.

My elf helper wanted to sat hi haha.

Another "unfinished" piece. The plan for the vase was to put a candle in the middle and then put peppermint candies around it.

 Cookies and wine for Santa!

Molly wanted some attention.

Got this little guy at one of my favorite stores in Vina walk.

The tree!! I'm in love. I am really happy that I went ahead and got this one from Costco. Best fake tree we've ever had! I got the idea for Santa hats and gloves online. And those of course would be fake presents to make the tree look full all month long :]

Our lights.

And that friends is our house decorated for Christmas 2013. Hope you all have a great night!


Anonymous said...

You have decorated beautifully...

Verona wants to know if Frank is naked and that's why he's peaking around the corner.. :<)

~Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I just looked at these again and I love that you have grandma Claudia's Mr & Mrs Claus. :o)