Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Five women + Frank

I held a game night for a few friends last week. The occasion was a celebration... I'll leave it at that ha. I had mentioned this to Frank in case he wanted to make plans to go somewhere, or at least hang out on the computer. He wanted to drink, eat and play things instead. I think he regretted that once we all started talking ; ]

Oh Molly...
Molly and Stephanie both have some awesome facial expressions going on!
Emmie claimed Molly for the night ha

 I'm sure you all loved seeing pictures of Molly eating a green bean.. ha
She makes the best faces, how can I not share them all!

 Ellie made an appearance. Copying Stephanie and Sarah :]
 "I totally agree!" haha
 And that's how Frank felt... haha
I was there! :]

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