Monday, March 17, 2014

Goodbye winter!

Spring is almost here! Plum blossoms are blooming and cherry blossoms will be in full swing soon. Love Sakura time :)
The weather has also started picking up. Perfect for walking the dogs... If only. Last week I hurt my back pretty bad (still no idea how!) and spent two days in bed on a heating pad. Finally got the info for an acupuncture clinic out in town. It's been a life saver! I went three days in a row for two hours at a time getting acupuncture, acupressure, water massage and a little chiropractic care. For the time being I've been told not to lift anything heavy so I have been stuck on the register at work :/ I also haven't been able to walk the girls since it's too much to take still. Resting resting resting so I'll be back to normal fast! 
Funny thing, I had decided I wanted to get back into working on getting my group fitness certification (I have a long way to go, I am super out of shape). And then the following day I hurt my back! A bit of an annoyance, but now it only makes me more determind.
That's about the most fun I have going on... 
Our cruise is so close. eeck!! 
We bought a storage shed a few weeks ago for our yard. We weren't out of space we just wanted to separate things. Like all the yard stuff is in the shed, this way we don't have to carry it up and down the stairs.
We bought it after the snow storms and our yard was still covered so it sat. Then the rain came and it only delayed the shed raising more. Last week the yard was finally dry so Frank was able to build! And just in time, it was a down pour right after he finished!
It's pretty obvious that our yard is not level ha. Now I can't wait to get patio furniture so I don't have to use my beach chair when I hang out in the yard with the girls!

Speaking of the girls... We finally have an answer to Ellie's constant weight gain and crazy anxiety. She has hypothyroidism. I asked the doctor to check her thyroid after she gain 3-4 pounds in 2-3 months with no change in her diet or excercise. Once we got word that she in fact did have a problem with it I looked up symptoms in dogs. Go figure she had almost every one! This week we go back to the vet to get her on meds so she can get back to normal. Hallelujah!

A few pictures from the last few weeks...

(Almost 10 years ago!)

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