Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stitch fix #2

After waiting what felt like forever I finally got my second stitch fix box! Between my first and second one I uploaded my Pinterest account so my stylist could see what I liked. This one definitely was a winner!
I kept a necklace from my first box. I wore it practically our whole cruise :)

             First item was this scarf.
Immediately I knew it was a keeper, I was ever more excited to find out it was an infinity scarf. I don't have one yet.

Second and third up were the shorts and halter top.
 As soon as I saw the halter top my first thought was, my bad I should have put in my profile that I don't do halters. My mind was changed once I tried this baby on. Not only is it cute and comfy, but I actually feel supported as it doesn't kill my neck! For that I will pay more than normal. 
I loved the shorts but after walking around in them I realized they wouldn't work. I kept getting a camel toe :/ no go for me.

Simple white cardigan. I've needed a new one so this was perfect.

         Last was this stripped shirt.
At first I didn't think I would like it since it was horizontal stripes, but the fit was awesome. It wasn't too short and was nice and loose. The no go was the material. Holy itchy batman! My skin still itches and I haven't had it on in about 20 minutes. Had it been better material I would have definitely kept it.

So the keepers from box #2 were the scarf, halter and cardigan.

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