Saturday, May 31, 2014

Honeymoon Day 1: Barcalona Spain

It was FINALLY honeymoon time! We got into Barcelona a day early so we could rest and see a little before getting on the boat. I am so glad we decided on that because it made the start of vacation much more relaxed.
When we were trying to figure out the bus to our hotel Frank was paying at a machine and I had set our luggage down to return the cart it was on. As I started walking away from our stuff I had to remember we weren't in Japan anymore. Probably not a good idea to just leave all our possessions alone ha.
The drive to our hotel was full of greenery and space. Two things we have missed. It actually felt like we were in California. Once we got to our hotel and were checking in Frank realized I had a whole in my pants... on the crack! Talk about a good laugh. That's what I get for buying cheap yoga pants.

Once we got to our room the very first thing we did was shower! We smelled horrible and felt insanely dirty. I believe that was the longest time traveling either of us had ever done. If I remember correctly it was around 20 hours.

The view from our room, water on both the left and right hand side.

After we got all cleaned up we found a place to eat across from our hotel. For being the only meal we had in Spain it was amazing. I got a pesto spaghetti and Frank got a meat cannoli.

We didn't have anything planned so we just walked the streets. We loved it! It was relaxing and nice getting to experience the none tourist stuff.

We ended up walking towards this museum before turning back.

Once we got to the top (I took the escalator) we stood off to a corner and admired the view.

We were pretty tired and it was later than we thought (the sun sets late there!) so we headed back to our room and passed out early. We both slept hard that night. Not the best of picture but we did get a nice sunset from our room.

After half a day of just walking the streets we fell in love with Spain. The atmosphere is so relaxed and vibrant. We would love to explore more of the country one day... if not lucky enough to live there ;] 

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