Sunday, June 1, 2014

Honeymoon Day 2: On load

Cruise time! But first an awesome breakfast at our hotel with an even better view.

We had decided to go out to the boat around the time on load was starting since it would come down to either leaving our luggage at the hotel and then spending the money to come back, pick it up and get out to the pier. Or dropping it off at the pier (if they would even let us), going into town and coming back. Since this was our first cruise we decided to play it safe, and cheap, and just stay walking distance from our hotel then heading out to the boat once on load had started.

It ended up being a nice leisurely stroll through a park across the street.

This was one of our first realizations of how clean Japan is compared to other countries. It was vary strange to see so much garbage all over.

Our home :]

We spent most the day walking all over exploring the boat and people watching. Best spot for that was right by the entrance. Good stuff!

We purposely chose to go with an inside stateroom since having a view wasn't that important to us. It worked great for us. There was a chair in the corner on the left, that worked perfect for holding random stuff.

No issues with the bathroom either. The shower was a decent size walk in.


Once the boat pulled out we hit up the main buffet area and starting packing on the pounds! I also tried winning some free spa services but no such luck. For a second night in a row we ended up in bed and passed our pretty early.
Next stop, Toulon France!

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