Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Honeymoon Day 3: Toulon France

Our first stop on our cruise was Toulon France. I loved going to bed in Spain and waking up in France :]

Some of the information I got on Toulon was to not stay in Toulon ha. There isn't much to do. We decided to go with a cheap shore excursion since we weren't sure if they were something we wanted to spend our money on. The tour we ended up booking was a boat tour of the Harbor and a trip to a naval museum.
Another view of our home for two weeks

Waiting for our tour to start
 We did decide pretty quickly that we would much rather spend the money on shore excursions rather than try to figure out public transportation. We already do that enough here in Japan that we just wanted to be able to get on a nice comfy bus and have someone drive us to our destination. Being able to sleep on those buses was an even bigger plus for me!
Our first attempt at a shore excursion was not the best. We should have spent the money (it was a lot!) and gone to St. Tropez. Our tour started out with 20 minutes of incorrect military information. This wasn't on the schedule and a few people actually started complaining. Our guide did tell us she didn't know much about it so the captain was giving her information and then I'm assuming quite a bit was lost in translation. I did find it funny that they pronounced Frigate, Fry-gate. She also was trying to say, all the pretty people go to the pretty beaches. However, it came out, all the pretty people go to the pretty bitches hahaha. Best part of the whole tour.

One cool point was the submarine that took the first pictures of the Titanic

Loved the colors

This was very interesting to us. This is the entrance to the naval base (One of the largest in France and it was tiny!). They are so much more lack on appearance than the US. That girl to the right is in uniform with her long hair down and carrying her purse. We saw a few people outside without covers. That one seemed to be an option since some had them and others didn't.
Lunch time! I got a seafood platter. Not a fan of snails.
I would however go back for these fries! I'm pretty sure we could have gotten a plate of just fries and been happy.

After lunch we started walking around.. a whole lot of nothing to see. We came across this extremely long farmers market that was closing up for the day.

Frank loved taking as many pictures as possible while I was getting ready for an actual picture. I have lots that look like this ha.

Our first of MANY gelato stops. I'm pretty sure we gained 5 pounds just from gelato alone.

We ended up heading back to the boat after a few hours since everything was closing for the afternoon. As Frank says, the best way to man the rails.

My advice for Toulon. If you happen to stop here one day get out of the area and explore other cities.

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