Thursday, June 12, 2014

Honeymoon Day 4: Livorno {Pisa/Florence} Italy

Our stop in Tuscany was one I was really looking forward to. After our shore excursion the day prior we spent a little more money and did Pisa and Florence all day. I am so so glad we chose to stick with the excursions. Both places are a few hours from the port so that would have been a VERY long day if we had to figure out public transportation for both places. This was hands down my favorite part of Italy.

Our first stop was Pisa to see the leaning tower.

Pisa was our first time getting to try cannoli's  :]

Driving all over Tuscany was simply amazing. I could have easily packed up and moved to a villa in a heartbeat.

Florence. Florence is somewhere I think everyone should visit. I would love to vacation there for a few days.. one day...

Miracle Square 

 Hands down the best pizza we have ever had!

When we walked around the corner and saw this church the only thing we were able to get out was, WOW! 

 The detail covering the entire building was.. well there were no words for how amazing it was. 

Yup, second cannoli of the day. No I did not care, I was eating my way through Europe. Florence had all the good food along with the amazing scenery.
 This picture does not do this view justice. When we came around on this clearing it looked like we were staring at a painting.
These next few pictures were taken from the bus, so they aren't the best but I was trying to get shots of how amazing and beautiful the countryside is.

Those in Washington, doesn't this remind you of Skagit County?

 Our first towel animal :]
Until next time Tuscany...

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