Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas tour 2014

It's crazy to think this could possibly be the last Christmas tour in this house. We won't know until late spring/summer time where we are going next (or if we will stay here) or when exactly we'd be moving. All we know is it could be sometime in December or January.
I got to add a few new items this year which made me happy, I had hoped for a few more.. but all in due time! I did have to get a little creative with the few figurines I have since I did not have the book case in the spare room to put them on this year.  
This guy made his way to our bedroom. First time we've ever had Christmas decorations in our room since I was a kid and would put up my own lights.

I swear this mirror was made for hanging holiday wreaths :)

One this I have been wanting to change out is our stockings. I have been on a search for really nice ones that we can have our names embroidered on. Problem is I don't want to spend the money so I'm hoping to find some online after the holidays on clearance.
How awesome is our new bench? I'm in love! After months of searching for a shoe bench that would ship here, and then finding one at Ikea that I didn't care much for I finally found this on Targets website. It is not an actual shoe bench, we decided to just keep our shoe rack in our room on Frank's side of the bed and we put our slippers or whatever pair of shoes are being worn the most under the bench. There is enough room for both Frank and I to still on it at the same time and the space between the tansu and bench make for the perfect spot for his backpack and work boots. I've been a little too giddy over it ha.

Ellie didn't care much for the pictures ha. Another new item this year is the tree skirt I got from Costco. Since we no longer have a rug (two little 4 legged girls think they are for peeing on!) the girls love laying on it since it's pretty thick and soft. I also decided not to wrap boxes as decoration under the tree since they love laying there so much. I also was lazy and didn't get around to doing it at all ha.

Look closely and you might be able to see another Santa and Mrs. Clause...

This isn't Christmas related (Although I was hoping to add Christmas pillows this year) but we finally got pictures hung over the couch. For YEARS I have wanted to put canvas' up like this, but since those are crazy expensive and these pictures will be changed out in a year or so I decided to just do framed pictures. Yet another thing I am in love with :)

Our trusty security we've had since our first Christmas together.

Ahh love the new table runner!
Let's be honest... this is what the table normally looks like. We still haven't fixed my laptop so the desktop is still at the table : /

Cookies and drinks for Santa : )

Ahh I just love looking at the tree all lit up at night!

This picture has to be my favorite. So festive and warm with all the colors : )

Another new item I was able to add this year... lights to the garland! My neighbor informed me that there was in fact a plug in outside, it is just hard to get to. 

And that concludes our Christmas tour 2014!

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