Sunday, October 18, 2009

A walk like no other!!!

I've been wanting to find another way to go on our walks to make it harder and more intense. Well we found it! The other route we go is all hill with a few flat areas, then one big down hill. This new route is way more hills.. bigger hills! Hardly any flat areas, and then the same big downhill. You'd think by the time we got to the downhill it'd be a piece of cake. NO WAY!! ha I was so dead tired and exhausted I could barely breath. It's been beautiful since we've had a nice Santa Ana come through so it's been in the mid 80's.. which made for a great walk =] Next time I want to remember to take the camera since there was some pretty awesome views at the top of the hill.
Instead this is me after the walk, you can't tell how red my face really is!! ha
We sprayed the dogs down with water at the car wash area of our complex when we got back.((We had water for us and them on the walk, but we all needed to be cooled down!)) Unfortunately after being sprayed with water Ellie tripped while we were walking back to our apartment, and Frank didn't realize it since she was behind him so she got drug through the dirt. So we put both dogs in a cold bath when we got home. We threw Molly in with Ellie just for the heck of it.
Molly wouldn't look at the camera =[ Ellie being a pretty little lady ha
After our walks I always give them ice cubes, they go crazy over them ha. I should try to get some pictures of that as well next time...


Anonymous said...

I recognize that shirt from NOAH! I don't really know why I remember it, but I do for some reason haha. Looks like you had a fun walk! I'm super stoked to get to see all these cool things in person that you keep taking pictures of and writing about. ;)

Longley's said...

yes yes that is my NOAH shirt ha. I wear it to work out in. I wouldn't say all this stuff is cool.. but it's nifty ha. theres alot of places i still want to see. I really wanted to go for a hike today, but we'd have to drive kinda far to get to all the hiking trails and we don't have the money for gas.

Haysel said...

awww cute pics!! glad you found a way to get yourself exhausted without having to hurt yourself!!